Skopelos  island  is  located in the heart of Sporades. It has rich flora, mostly dense forests that make up 80% of the area of the island. Precisely, it is a not so cosmopolitan island as it maintains the traditional island architecture. On  that island  you may come across old traditional churches, chapels and monasteries. In northern and eastern side is located   Ai Giannis Kastri  (The  Mamma Mia church )  which  is on the top of  the  rock. The side of this island is characterized by the wild beauty of its shores are rocky. The situation in the south part  of   Skopelos differs as there are  beaches full of  green.


The Villa Stefani is on the provincial road Glossa – Skopelos, just two kilometers from the village Glossa  and five kilometers from the nearest port and beach of  Loutraki.

Close  to  Villa :

  • Loutraki   5km
  • Glossa     2km
  • Gas Station   1,5 km
  • Super  Market  2 km
  • Pharmacy         2 km
  • Ai  Giannis  (  Mamma  Mia )  6 km
  • Armenopetra  3 km
  • Palio  Klima  3 km
  • Neo  Klima  ( Elios )  4,5 km
  • Kastani  9 km
  • Milia  9,7 km
  • Panormos   11 km
  • Agnontas  20 km
  • Stafilos  24 km
  • Skopelos  ( Chora )  24 km
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